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Details of Membership



Membership Available for Old School Members

We continue to recruit New Members and ALL past pupils and staff members are eligible for Full Membership.

Current membership ranges over 70 years! from those who started school in 1931 (or even before) to those who have just left school in July 2009. We especially wish to strengthen our membership with more recent Ashcombe leavers! We also welcome enquiries from those who will shortly be leaving Ashcombe.

All New members receive a copy of The Association Constitution as well as a copy of the most recent Newsletter immediately applications are received. Membership lists are published annually.


The costs of membership

Our 'Year' runs from 1st September to 31st August, a bit like school! Subscriptions are due on 1st September. However we would prefer that subscriptions are paid by standing orders through your bank, certainly easier for your elected volunteers and we also believe easier for you, no need to remember to write a cheque or lick a stamp. Subscriptions by Standing Order are due 1st December each year.

For those ex pupils who have forged life long partnerships with ex pupils we offer Joint Membership at just £15.00 per year.

For those just leaving school we offer Student Membership subscription FREE whilst attending tertiary education followed by a two year period at just £5.00 per year before graduating to Full Membership at just £10.00 per annum.


Membership Forms

Membership Forms on this site are for Full Membership BUT will also cover Student Membership
(just leave the payment details blank for now).

Joint Membership applicants will require a Special Form to accommodate the two School Names involved!, so they, as well anyone with any queries, please contact the Membership Secretary  when you will receive prompt attention.


...... and finally

Remember the next Association AGM/Reunion is set for 9th October 2010

We look forward to seeing you there and hopefully hearing from you by email/mail etc. even before.

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