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Reunion Planned for June 30th 2012

 This is a page where we will keep updates of the plans for Saturday June 30th at the Ashcombe School .

1) We will welcome news of any groups or years who may be planning to meet up there or any who would like it to be known that they will be there.

2) Plans are under consideration and will be set out here when it all becomes clearer

Further Information

Ashcombe School Reunion 1931 - 2011.
80 years of education in Ashcombe Road (including predecessors)

Reunion Details

To celebrate more than 80 years of ‘Ashcombe Road’ Education.
Starting in 1931 with the Amalgamation of the Dorking High School for Boys and St Martin's (Church of England) High School for Girls in 1931 to form the co-educational Dorking County Grammar School (DCGS).
Also celebrating 20 years of The Ashcombe Dorkinian Association, formed in 1992 following a Reunion at Ashcombe School attended by 1500 past pupils over a three day event.
Mowbray Secondary Modern School for Girls opened on the same site in 1959, in what is now the Bradley Building and was amalgamated with DCGS in 1976 as The Ashcombe School.

ALL past and present pupils AND staff are welcome together with spouse/partners and children. It is planned that memorabilia from the past will be on display, refreshments available and opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues from the past and present. The School has kindly agreed to a tour of the school, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Start Date/Time Saturday June 30th 10am

End Date/Time Saturday June 30th 4 pm

Venue Address: Ashcombe Road, Dorking, England, RH4 1LY
Contact Sheila Sandford or webmaster  

 You can email Sheila Sandford here.

You can tell us if you are interested and who you may bring with you or think may also be interested and will be coming by using the direct contact button below (1) or with the preset form (2).

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 For any further queries email webmaster here.