ADA Bursary Award


                    Previous Winners

   1995    Claire Taylor

            1996    Dominic Jewel

            1997    Laura Timms

            1998    Richard Mayers & Louise Wootton

            1999    Amanda Haire

            2000    Richard Williams & ElizabethThompson

            2001    Amy Langridge          

            2002    Katherine Wilson

            2003    David McKee  &  Jonathan Phillips

            2004    Helen Huxtable

            2005    Emma Savage

            2006    Mariam L’grindi

            2007    Henry Debens

            2008    Anna Yarde

            2009    Jessica Blincow  &  Samuel Husband

            2010    Alexander Gerritsen

            2011    Nicola Marsden & Robert Moorcroft


     It is expected that the Bursary Award this year, as last, will be of value  £500 and will be awarded at the Ashcombe School Awards Night  in December.

Applications for the Award are invited from all the members of  the Sixth Form leaving this year.

     Application forms may be obtained from the Head of Sixth Form, Mr James Robinson, to whom all forms should be returned and any supporting information, such as a Curriculum Vitae.

     Interviews to select the winner are held just after the Exams finish in June.

  To join the Association or to discover  about its activities, please apply to:


   Membership Secretary

              Ted Hazelden

         23 Dunsdon Avenue


          Surrey GU2 7NX

        Tel:    01483 566 639






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