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Association Bursary Award




























                                           ADA Bursary Award    






The Ashcombe Dorkinian Association Bursary is offered to a pupil in the Sixth Form of The Ashcombe School, intending to study at a university or approved college of tertiary education within the European Union. The Bursary, currently valued at £500.00 (five hundred pounds), is awarded on an annual basis, if appropriate, and is intended to augment other funds available for the support of the candidate at the university or college. The ultimate aim of the Bursary is to extend opportunity to worthy pupils and to promote academic excellence in former Ashcombe School pupils.



To be eligible for the Bursary, candidates must be aged between 17 and 20 on 1st October of the year of the award, and must have attended The Ashcombe School for at least 2 (two) full years prior to this date. Proven intellectual and academic quality of a high standard is the prime requirement, but considerable significance will be given to candidates' fortitude of purpose in overcoming obstacles of a personal or financial nature during their school years. Applicants will also be expected to show integrity of character, interest in and respect for their fellow beings, the ability to lead and the energy to use their talents to the full.



Candidates, if approved, will be selected from a short‑list of applicants by an Interviewing Panel comprised, in part, of Dorkinian Association Committee Members. A Bursary will only be offered to a candidate who, in the opinion of the panel, meets the required criteria and who, at the time of the interview, has been accepted by a University or College, or who has been granted a provisional place dependent upon examination results.



The closing date for applications for The Ashcombe Dorkinian Association Bursary is 31st May of the year of the Award.







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